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World economy has tremendously shifted from physical world to digital world since past several years. We have seen significant impact of information technology systems and networked operations in almost all aspects of our life. However, the impact of ICT and its network have also created vulnerabilities to cyber-based threats. Whether it be large corporations or a small, the significance of the threat is almost similar. Despite efforts from the governments, corporations and technical experts to cope with security problems and forge a resilient and secure cyberspace, data breaches are on the increase.

In 2011, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs had observed Cybersecurity as a complex transnational issue that requires global cooperation for ensuring a safe Internet. The Global Cybersecurity Status Report, released by ISACA in January 2015 reveals that 83% of the people feels Cyberattacks are among the top three threats facing organizations today. As a concept, the act of protecting ICT systems and their contents has come to be known as Cybersecurity. It is usually refers to one or more of three things viz., a set of activities and other measures intended to protect—from attack, disruption, or other threats—computers, computer networks, related hardware and devices software, and the information they contain and communicate, including software and data, as well as other elements of cyberspace; the state or quality of being protected from such threats; the broad field of endeavor aimed at implementing and improving those activities and quality.

As the use of ICT and Internet in Nepal has also increased, the threat of Cybersecurity has also been exposed. Various government and non-government agencies have been trying to combat this on their own capacity. However, this is not under single agency's capacity. It needs a collective, including national and international, effort. To discuss the issues and challenges posed by the Cybersecurity, CAN Federation and ISOC Nepal have joined hands to organize the 16th edition of CAN ICT Conference in collaboration with SUBISU CableNet Private Limited. The conference aims at bringing all stakeholders together to initiate a discussion on Information security and cyber-crimes in Nepal as well as developing country perspective.

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