Thematic Areas of the Conference

SMART CITY makes every people smart because smart cities gives people every infrastructure like; education, health, technical knowledge etc. So, ICT Conference will contribution for making society and country smart.

Nepal is tremendously shifting from physical world to digital world since past several years. We have seen significant impact of information technology systems in almost all aspects of our life. However, the impact of ICT and its network have also created vulnerabilities to cyber-based threats. Whether it is large corporations or a small, the significance of the threat is almost similar. Despite efforts from the governments, corporations and technical experts to cope with security problems and forge a resilient and secure cyberspace, data breaches are on the increase.

The conference will intensively focus on ICT as a secure tool to access fundamental health care, agriculture, transport, commerce, pubic services, tourism etc. Besides it conference will also stretch on enhancement of ICT as a smart service tools. These tools will be related with Internet, networking, data centers, software engineering, algorithm and applications, internet of things, artificial intelligence, data mining and data warehousing, cloud computing, big data analytics, database technologies, simulation and modeling, multimedia and graphics technologies, cryptography & applied mathematics, cyber security, digital transformation etc.

Conference Venue

Hotel Himalaya

Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal

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